10 top tips to smash through your PB

It is something that every runner will look to achieve no matter what their distance or style of running is; the ultimate in PB!

So many people seem to struggle getting there, falling at the hurdle and never seeing the numbers that they are looking for! If you find yourself in this category then fear not. We have put together some top tips in order for you to get to that target and beat your PB once and for all!


Tips to keep you ahead of the game

“Make sure that you are sleeping well, especially before a race as sleep is one of the most powerful tools that you can put in place”

Train well!

Making some changes to your training routes to add in more hills is a great way to get to your PB; this is because running up hills has been proven to aid the development of race pace and overall muscle strength. It is also important to work on your core in order to achieve running success. After all, the stronger it is the faster you will run. The best core exercise (and one that is incredibly easy to do) is the plank. So why not find out how to do this magic core boosting exercise and see an improvement in your running time! You can also look at different ways of running, by this we mean aqua-jogging. This exercise can be used during your training programme and is an injury-friendly method of building up your strength as well as the size of your strides!

Live right

As well as training well you need to live well too. Make sure that you are sleeping well, especially before a race as sleep is one of the most powerful tools that you can put in place; aim to have at least 7 hours before the race and if you can get more then even better! You should also make sure that you are eating the right foods too. Build up your energy levels using protein and carbohydrates and avoiding high fat and sugar foods is one of the best ways to see your personal best come and go!

Time is important

Of course it is, after all your PB is a time! But we have seen that some people do not time their training sessions. Whilst it is great to run to a distance, if you do not time this then how will you ever know that you are making improvements? Setting yourself certain time targets and then running to them will not only show you the leaps and bounds that you are making; but will also allow you to pace yourself in order to get to where you are looking to be. The time you train is also important. If you are looking to take part in a race then it is always a good idea to find out when that race will start and prepare your body clock by training at that time. Studies have shown that this simple step can really improve your PB!

Run the right race

Our final tip is to pick the right race for you. By this we mean look at the course, is it flat? Flat courses (ones with little to no hills to climb) will of course have a faster time than those that include lots of steep inclines. Knowing the best one for you is key to seeing the results you crave! So go on. Put in place some of these great little tips and see the time on your stopwatch that you so greatly deserve!

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